Open Happiness/ Happiness in the open

Sometimes the best things happen when you lose something you didn’t want to, like your house keys, for instance. Realizing it only when you reach home alone at midnight in the heavy monsoon rain. This happened to me last week.

But that’s when you call a friend. Like Shrutiraj, our chief visualizer, who came by (late from work) on his Royal Enfield Bullet, and sped me off thundering into the night to his home, far far away in the cozy outskirts of Kozhikode city. ‘This is my village,’ he said as we arrived, ‘uphill is a forest, and that is The River.’  I saw only darkness.

But I saw a new world the next morning, as if I were inside a typical Kerala tourism ad, or a village in one of those new Malayalam movies set in idyllic, un-urban Kerala. We took a long, leisurely walk. Shrutiraj told me stories of fishing, swimming, and of rivalries with the boys from across the river. Clearly, it was the centre of their life. And it lay there voluptuous under a monsoon sky. One of the scenes we clicked that happy morning, out in the open, gave us an idea for a print ad for Coke.