Work Hard. Play Hard.

They say that being an intern is no easy job. The stories of unachievable tasks and impossible deadlines in an uncongenial environment are all too familiar to us. I didn’t mind having my brain being fried as long as it reflected well on my CV. And Yara’s reputation for producing world-class work only meant that I had to brace for an exhausting month – or so I thought.


I don’t exactly remember what happened on my first day, because I never actually had the first day jitters – the team at Yara never gave me a chance. As soon as the official introduction was over, Yara’s pranksters wasted no time making me feel right at home. It did not take me a long time to realize that Yara was a special place. The Yara family never let us interns feel isolated and were more than happy to guide and support us while we discovered our place in the advertising world. What surprised me most was the sync between team members. Be it a copywriter, designer, intern or business manager, everyone was open to opinions and ready to help. It is this quality, I believe, that makes Yara stand out from other agencies.


After a few days at Yara, one realizes how each member is crucial to the team. Be it our beloved Chechi, with her morning smile, or Sruthiraj and Dhanraj with their daily doses of pranks and jokes, these people made each day count. The occasional tips from Anaska (coupled with routine gags) in the midst of a hectic schedule gave me new insights into the world of design. The word-hungry Sreevidya and Tasneem were my biggest inspiration here. How can I forget silent Denny with his patience and powerful comebacks? And Aparna was probably the first person to have got so much work out of the usually lazy me (without even me realizing it! – now that requires talent). All these amazing people under a CEO, so disciplined yet gentle and bright, were those who unknowingly or knowingly gave me the support to stay on even after my required 24 days were up.


If this gives you an impression that Yara is too laid back, you are mistaken. Behind all the fun and pranks, there is a strong sense of organization and dedication that runs this tight ship. And thanks to that, we got a chance to explore hands-on the many facets of an advertising agency. From initial client meetings, to the final presentations, my internship at Yara was, in one word, “complete”. So, for all of you out there looking to intern at a firm where work and play are perfectly blended together, don’t forget to knock on the doors of apartment A2 at Dream City Apartments, Arayidathupalam, Calicut.

Note: We loved the typeface used in the 2015 movie, The Intern, starring Robert De Niro and Ann Hathaway. Dafont suggests it is Monopol Light.