Clients Who Delight Us


The challenge of the complex Indian market is finding clients who understand quality branding – and are therefore willing to pay for it. To drive home the point, the client meeting room at Yara has a glass wall quoting Dr. Ralf Speth: ‘If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.’


Often, we have clients who walk in demanding a logo quick and cheap. In some cases, they walk out just as fast. In other cases, after spending time talking to us and understanding the process, they stick on, and many good logos and branding collaterals have come out, as a result.


Occasionally we’re visited by the dream client. The one who knows what great identity design can do for their brand. The one who knows that magic is all about quality.  Just recently we were visited by one such client and he had a story to tell.


His once successful businesses had failed. He was old. His sons were starting up in the same industry all over again. They knew what they had got wrong, and were determined to set it right. And they were taking small steps forward. There was something the father remembered from his first venture thirty years ago, and that is why they were here.


His very first business was a small startup in a tiny middle-eastern kingdom, where he happened to be introduced to the art director of a major advertising company. The art director, unofficially, and for free, designed a business card for the little startup. ‘It was a real clean design,’ the father recollected fondly,’a fading golden yellow with lettering in jet black.’


And although his business was small-fry, he garnered quite a bit of attention for the classy business card. ‘It wasn’t easy getting it printed back then,’ he recalls. ‘Printers wouldn’t hear of it: fading golden yellow?’ But it was worth the effort. And customers would often ask him where he got the card designed.


So, when he came down, thirty years later, to help his sons start up in business, he knew that among the things they had to get right was excellent identity design. And we were happy to see him come to Yara, where he briefed us on the new venture, went through scores of logos, and discussed good design with us. We’re excited to work on their account.